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            Historical d

            Dong'ou microfiltration company was founded in 1986 by Professor Song Xianhong has spent two decades the independent innovation developed out of the rigid polymer precision microfiltration technology "more comprehensive and deep technical R & D and more large-scale applications market development. The technology at home and abroad the previous system research and market development, technical information and market information is almost blank. Professor Song Xianhong tenaciously two decades, the technical basis for the performance of research and applied technology breakthrough, showing the technical part of the project application also has tremendous vitality. However, due to the technology of the filter is the mechanical structure of the domestic and foreign independent innovation, the use of such filter media filter structure predecessors, has been developed filter with filter varieties only the primary industrial products away from the majority of the industrial market, there is a big gap in our comprehensive needs. Our technology in industrial production, the application of the law, and the accumulation of experiences and lessons are also very small. Our technology is only in its infancy.

            Since no systematic study of the technology at home and abroad predecessors, no literature, no filter machine products and advertising in foreign, under such conditions, in order to die not in the early stages of the technology to be destroyed in the intense market competition, and continue to receive healthy development, there must be a dedicated technology research and development, market development, production, sales and service into one professional technology companies can be. Dongou the establishment of the company, beginning on the above-mentioned purposes and created. Dongou Founded in product sales for the only goal, driven by market demand, backed by technological innovation, to ensure the product quality of life, and strengthen the pre-sale and after-sales service in order to ensure external integrity for the soul of the enterprise, internal to strengthen management tasks. Most of the formation of the product performance testing room will be created by the early company limited sales profits, customers a variety of materials to filter the basic parameters of the laboratory, the formation of professional design and development team, and the formation of a professional services team. According to the characteristics of users, the company made the D1 and D2 pressure vessel manufacturing license. Starting from the 1990s, the company's annual research funding of more than 6%. After 27 years of hard struggle, and finally make the country independent innovation, and abroad, there has been no new microfiltration unchanging heel violent and brutal competition in the market. Twenty years ago, the domestic many people think that this foreign unmanned research and development of technology is certainly not the future, and will definitely be out of the market, and finally automatically demise. After nearly three decades, the technology of Dongou further research and development, production and market development. Do not say this technology is short-lived, and promising. In the past three decades, Dongou on technology innovation and new market development has been significant progress, thousands of different specifications of precision microporous filter has been successfully applied in the country all provinces except Tibet and long-term promotion. Many other filtration devices are difficult to resolve many difficult filtration materials, filtration devices give Dongou developed successfully resolved, the product quality, yield, cost, safety and energy saving, less consumption, easy access to the remarkable results . The company has made six invention patents, 21 a number of utility model patents, the company has achieved a national innovation fund projects with a number of technology projects, the company has two consecutive national high-tech enterprise.

            Factors are closely related polymer sintered filter quality and raw materials, the sintering process, formula, based on years of production experience Dongou has worked out very perfect quality control system to ensure that the use of high-precision long life.
            Currently on the market polymer sintered filter (PE filter) cohabitation, seriously disrupting the use of the technology in the industry, often the customer in terms of causing wear filter v. other companies polymer filter, short life, easily deformed, easy to fall off and other defects, resulting in major quality accidents often downtime maintenance, product rework in production use.

            2012, Wenzhou Dongou where Tu Tian Industrial Zone due to the municipal building demolition, the company's manufacturing base has moved to the Zhejiang Green Valley Lishui Shuige industrial, area, plant area of ??3.5 times the original factory in Wenzhou area, manufacturability andtrials larger, more advanced structure of a variety of new microporous filter. Strategic approach to the construction of ecological civilization, according to the new situation, the response to the party 48 report to rely on the geographical advantage of Shanghai, the advantage of the traffic, the message advantage of scientific and technological advantages, the company decided converted into Shanghai Institute Haihong Li Purification Technology "Co., Ltd. , the company will not only continue Dongou Institute of Technology innovation and R & D and market development, and use of the various advantages of Shanghai to carry out new products (precision microporous filter with the newly developed industrial scale efficient industrial column) market sales and technical service, development filtration system to provide users with filtering technology package. China's industrial production, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, save energy, resources, beautify the environment and improve the safety of the production and living environment for China's sustainable development in the future, to play our part to build a beautiful Chinese.

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